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Friday, July 7, 2006

Update from JT - Fighting Hard

I just got off the phone with Christine's Mom. Christine has barely enough strength to shuffle to the bathroom door only 5 feet from her bed. I guess that's her Mom's interpretation of "walking around the room". I know that Christine has been in alot of pain and getting morphine. Her Dad says she is very weak, in bed most of the day and terminally exhausted. But she is fighting hard.

Christine has been dealing with the
heavy side- effects of medications she has been given. Rigors, nausea, cramping and a whole assortment of unpleasant things. But her Dad says that she still is capable of making the nurses smile in her own sun-shiny way.

Her blood counts are at absolute zero. Only medical personell and family members are allowed in the room. This is because we can bring fungus in the room through our clothes and shoes. Bacteria and germs ride on our skin. If you give Christine any gifts, be sure to wipe it down with germicidical wipes before bringing it into her bubble. The nurses also say to limit vists to 20 minutes as Christine's limited energy is quickly depleted.

Christine was sleeping when I called, knocked out on some drug that starts with a V. But
her Dad assured me that she is getting all messages.


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