And What Followed...

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Overdid it again

When my doctor turned to me with her hands on her hips, I knew I was in trouble.

"Are you already back to work?!" her voice shredded the air with exasperation.
"No." I mumbled, moping like a 13-year old. I knew what was coming next.
"You are overdoing it again. You have to stop."
Notice she did not say "slow down".

The doctor pushed a paper in my face showing that all my blood levels plummeted 25% since my birthday.
"Now your body have to work hard all over again."

OK. I admit I pushed it just a little celebrating the Birthday that almost wasn't. But what's an elated girl to do? Sit in a room and blow out candles all by herself?
"You rest more. Stop doing so much. You want to get better, right?"
I pouted. "Ohh...kay..."

I'm just so happy to be alive and feeling so fortunate for the miraculous outcome of an uncertain year. I had the honor of speaking at another City of Hope event this weekend. As usual, it was a very emotional speech. My heart broke as a couple stories were shared of patients who were less fortunate or who were having great difficulties with post-transplant complications. I was the lucky one to be the poster-child survivor who could speak on behalf of all the cancer patients. Thus, my thirst to live... NOW.

Well, lesson learned is that patience is a virtue that I'm still working on. Also, a note that I WILL be taking it easier and slower, kinder and gentler. The marrow needs all the help it can get.

We all should be taking better care of ourselves.


Thursday, February 1, 2007

From Barak - Perfect take-off

For those of you who know Christine, you know how modest she can be. So I’ll tell you something she left out of her flying story:

When we went flying, Christine did a complete takeoff! All by herself! And there’s the video to prove it!!!

In December, Christine spent two weeks in the hospital, including Christmas and New Year’s. When I was there, we’d play games, surf YouTube, listen to iTunes, and pig out on hospital food. So I told her that when she got out of the hospital, we’d go flying. I started teaching her how to fly, how the plane works, and how to take off. We’d sit side by side on the bed and simulate takeoffs. We did that so many times that I think she got really tired of it. But she got really good at it, too. So much so that when we were finally rolling down the runway, I handed her the controls and took her video camera. We hit takeoff speed, and like a pro, Christine pulled back the control wheel and became an instant aviator. It was a surreal experience that I wish you could all witness: Christine the Flyer, Miss Pilot herself! It was a perfect take-off.