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Friday, July 28, 2006

Update from Jon C - Visit

I visited Christine last Tuesday 7/25 and I must say, she really did look great. Sure, she was kind of sleepy, but other than that she looked like she normally would if you woke her up early on a Sunday morning (I was there at 6pm, so no, I didn't actually wake her up). The window to her room is quite large, and very close to her bed so she doesn't feel that distant. But as other people have already said, she's only up for a 5-10 minute visit.

Christine said she received the DVDs people sent, but she still hasn't got the energy to actually stay awake long enough to watch for more than a few minutes before falling asleep.

The hospital is REALLY quiet. I didn't pass any other visitors in any of the halls. There were a few nurses scattered around the floor, but they were all just sitting around, chatting with each other. I've been to a slew of hospitals and I've never seen anything like it.

Jon Carpenter

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