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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Update form Marc - Fevers

Its Sunday morning and Christine is doing her best to relax at the moment. She has what
she calls a "nausea headache" and so we placed a cool, wet towel on her head. I also got
her an acoustic-therapy machine that plays sounds to enhance Alpha, Delta and Theta waves which seems to help.

For the past couple days Chrsitine has had a high fever. It is expected that she will spike every so often. Yesterday it went up to 39.2! (thats 102.2 degrees farenheit). The result was a number of blood draws in order to culture it to check for infection. Christine dealt with the high fever all night which not only exacerbated her nausea and aches but also leads to extreme full-body chills which she had to ride out.

Today she is doing better, her fever is now down to 37.3 (99.2 degrees F) which is good but she is expected to spike again. Her appetite is a little better.. by the way... if anyone knows of an ice-tea, berry-mixes or fruit punches that is packed in individual servings, has real sugar and not corn syrup and has been pasturized, let us know. Though she eats and can tolerate very little she is getting nutrition by IV as a supplement.

The frustration of not being able to tolerate food has gotten to Christine in a (and she'll admit) a kinda funny way. For instance she said that the food on fast-food commercials look appetizing to her now (which is something she would never say).. and apparently she had a dream last night about eating a steak at some place called Flemings, only to be woken up by a phlebotomist for a blood draw.

Oh she also got platlets yesterday.. she wanted to thank whoever is trace ID #67526 and gave unit LC59725. If anyone else wants to donate platelets or give their 0 postitive blood just come down to City of Hope! You can call ahead to see if yer eligible.. no-no's are recent infections, recent piercings, travel outside the US... yadda yadda yadda... you can call to find out more.

Aside from the fever Christine is having her bouts of nasuea, pain, exhaustion and restlessness. Basically she has good moments where she can talk and sit up but they can quickly go straight to a sudden fit of pain, nausea or simply being upset.

Overall she is fighting hard and doing her best to stay in good spirits.

... Christine was crying just now... she cries every now and then simply from exhaustion She said "its either I'm nauseated or knocked out on drugs" and questions which is better. She also said "I still don't want to believe I'm here". I reminded her this was temporary; a time of restraint, restlessness and healing in her cocoon while she transforms to who she is meant to be.

oh and Christine and I just want to thank everyone for the emails and quotes. I read all the emails that was sent to me as well as the wonderful quotes of people who had Christine in their hearts, it made her laugh, smile and she was very grateful. Please keep them coming... it really helps her :-)

Thats it for now on day 4.. She will be getting another chemo treatment in a couple days. I myself am flying out this Tuesday night back to NYC so I won't be able to type for Christine... but she may report off to me on the phone I'm not sure. Thank you all for reading, we Love you and hope you all enjoy this Sunday.

Peace and Blessings,

Christine & Marc

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