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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Update from Colleen - Visit with Christine

Hello Christine friends and family,

My husband Danny and I went to visit Christine on Thursday night, July 13th. It's such a relief to see her. We have been sick and out of town most of the time she's been in and haven't had the chance til now to see her.

Through the fog she was her lovely, funny, laughing self. Though she is on a lot of drugs for the nausea, they seem to really be helping her. Her mom is well from the pneumonia so she was at the window when we arrived.

We have no update in terms of whether or not the marrow is grafting. I am guessing that it would have been mentioned if it had begun grafting. I didn't want to take any time away from any cheering up we could do. I think she is heading into day 11 now of waiting.
It's so hard to believe she is really enduring this. She is just a real human being fighting this for better or worse. All I can say is - please call City of Hope and go out and see her. If you have any good stories, talents for puppetry, all of this is great and really perfect to perform through the window. You will see when you get there.

Call City of Hope then when you get an operator just tell them you need to speak to Christine Pechera's nurse to find out if its a good time to visit. The nurse might connect you directly to Christine or to her Mom. I have not been told there was a bad time to yet when I have called, so let nothing but illness stand in your way. Anything to break up the monotony of her time in bed and the great discomfort and pain she is in - I am sure - is welcome.

She really enjoyed laughing, and making dark jokes about her absurd circumstances went over well. Dan joked about writing "Christine - Don't be such a pussy" on the poster-board outside her window and she laughed hysterically. No sugar coating for this girl. She is more than aware of her circumstances.

-And prayer especially on Sundays at 10am.

Love to everybody out there who loves Christine!
Colleen Crabtree

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