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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Update from Colleen - Pray

Hi Folks,
My Husband Danny and I visited Christine last night. She was more tired than last time but still smiling. We sat on the desk in front of the window and pressed our faces against the glass and she had a good laugh so we kept going. Dan is particularly good at that. Christine loves her new volcano poster in her room. She says friends are sending all kinds of symbolic gifts that involve fire or dragons to inspire the fight.
I asked her directly about how the transplant is going and she said that the doctors have told her that her "Count", which I understand to be a bone marrow or cell count, as of yesterday, day 13, is still at 0. Which means that the transplanted marrow has not been grafting yet. The docs said it must graft in the next couple days in order for - as I understand it - the transplant to have worked. The time for prayer about her grafting is now. She told me she didn't want to think about it. So, I guess I am writing all this so less people will ask her as I did? I didn't know about liver concerns at the time so I don't know the status.

She did say it was okay to post these facts about her condition, though. She has not been looking at the site or her email because she is tired from the fighting. She wants her friends to know what is going on so they have a focus when they pray. She asked what I had posted before and seemed happy that I mentioned that people need to come visit her. She also wanted to say thank you again for the prayers and that she really believes this is why she is feeling much better than she could be - based on her last experience with this.
The best thing we can do right now is pray for the transplant to work and to visit her. She loves the pictures and posters. But, the best thing is just having people there to interact with, I think.
In a week or so, she moves into the village - which is the apartment like housing on the campus. She is looking forward to that. I'm not sure if at that point we can see her beyond the bubble or not.
I hope this message helps to answer some more questions about her progress. So great to visit with her! Just want her to come home now.

Colleen Crabtree

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