And What Followed...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back home from Surgery - need help

(written under influence of oxycodone)

I finally made it back home! Yesterday was the first time I was outside in four days. Janice was generous with the TLC and probably contributed to a speedier recovery. I'm still walking gingerly and having to take pain pills but I'm ambulatory now (sort of) and able to sit up okay.

What I'm not ready to do is drive long distances. It puts too much strain on the surgery area and leaves me crying out for momma. But I have afternoon appointments tomorrow (Thursday, April 19) at City of Hope and thus, in need a kind soul who can drive and then push me around in a wheelchair. Leave around 1:45pm. Return 5:30-ish.

I was going to drive myself but I'm quickly realizing that that is not a good idea right now.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

From JT - Recovering from surgery

When I talked to Christine today, she was in lots of pain but she still cracked jokes and boy, was she high. As expected, she's in bed most of the day, and only crawls out to "gingerly" move to the sofa. She sends her good thoughts and "hug vibes" to everybody. Last night she had homemade MatzoBall soup and today she felt well enough to eat toast and eggs. I am happy to report she is being well taken care of.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surgery this Friday

Thanks everyone for the offers of help and rides regarding the surgery this Friday. My friend and fellow BMT survivor Janice has invited me into her home to take care of me over the weekend. Janice is one of the most caring and loving Moms I know and her husband is just as nurturing. I'm lucky to be in such good hands. Not sure yet if I'll be able to take visitors but we'll keep everyone posted.

Also, thanks everyone for the concern about me running off to get a tattoo. I assure you that Beth only meant for me to laugh at the mere notion.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Nine month transplant anniversary

Can you believe it has been 9 months since the Bone Marrow Transplant? Happy Anniversary! My, how time flies when you're alive…

Well, my health has slipped back just a wee bit. I overdid it AGAIN, this time by doing absolutely nothing at all… literally relaxing out by the pool at the Beverly-Wilshire. It turns out I'm not supposed to be basking out in the sun and soaking in Jacuzzis just yet. What should have been a rejuvenating spa day triggered Graft vs. Host, so now I'm hit with complications, which at this point aren't life threatening but a sucky reminder that it's going to take some time to fully recover.

One thing I got is something called "peripheral neuropathy". Basically my skin is numb... yes, numb. I can't even feel my clothes. Very freaky. I've actually had moments where I answered the door and panicked and thought," Oh my God, I'm naked!" But looked down to see that I was actually clad in three layers of clothing.

Related to this is a need to nip a problem before it gets any worse. April (Friday the) 13th, I will have surgery to take care of some digestive track issues. Again, not life threatening but the surgeon said I will probably be bedridden for up to a week, hopped up on Quaaludes. Good times. It is outpatient surgery, so I'm seeking help in someone who can drive me to City of Hope at like, 5 in the morning, hang out in Duarte all day and then drive my anesthetized badonkadonk back home in the afternoon.

I guess you can say that my new marrow/stem cells are still in training. If you want to get an actual microscopic view of one my Chinese donor cells inside my body, click HERE.

On a serious note, if I could ask everyone to take just a second right now and send a little prayer up for my friend Robin. She is going through a rough and uncertain time and spent her 30th Birthday in the hospital yesterday. Let's send some good thoughts her way. Robin's Website.