And What Followed...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here is an abridged version of a speech I recently gave:

The PSA you just saw happened last year. A year ago today I was still
in the hospital. Even with all efforts to save my life, my prognosis was
very grim, with less than a 10% chance of survival. But because of my
donor, I was given a chance to fight. I am so blessed to be standing
here tonight.

We are all blessed to be here tonight. To be in this theater, sitting in
these chairs. We are here because we are HEALTHY enough. We are
here because we are ALIVE.

But what keeps us alive? What keeps us going? Is it love? Is it
strength? Perhaps it is the person sitting next to you. The fact is, inside
each of us there is a life-force... A desire. A fire. A will to live. A great
flame inside us. I believe it is fueled by faith, by love, by hope.

But there are times when we do feel depleted, or worse, when we feel
nothing, as if something has extinguished our inner light.

God works through us. "Us" meaning we, you, me, the person sitting
behind you. We are the vessels for God’s work. Whether you believe in
him or not, He works through you.

When you are in that place where you are ready to give up. When
loneliness consumes your night. When there is nothing left inside you
but a lost soul or a torn heart. That is when love, working through even
just one single person, can heal. The miracle of the touch of another
can heal anything.

The inner flame inside each of us can re-ignite a broken heart into a
blazing inferno. Like one candle to another candle. One person can
rekindle another’s inner life-force. Another's soul.

This is what donating marrow is all about. This is what makes life
meaningful. It is God creating his miracles through us.

One person to another.

There remains thousands of cancer patients whose life-force is barely a
flicker. Whose flames are about to be extinguished.

Right now I want you Breathe in deep and breathe out slowly.

Feel that? That is the life-force within you. That is God’s love inside
you. YOU have the fire within to re-ignite the life of another.

It is literally in your marrow.

You may be the miracle someone is searching for.

Tonight we come to support A3M’s efforts to save lives. Tomorrow,
let’s be a part of it.

Trust me, it’s awesome.

Thank you. God Bless. And don’t forget to let your light shine.

Wishing a Blessed Thanksgiving,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Book Signing Sunday, In Memory of Joel

Almost forgot to mention that I will be at a Book Signing in Duarte at
City of
Hope Sunday, November18 from 9-12. I'll be promoting & signing
the "Writing for Wellness" book, along with some of the other contributing

writers. For those who cannot make it, you can buy the book on Amazon.

All proceeds go to benefit City of Hope. I'll be at the table at the "Walk for

Hope" fundraiser to fight breast cancer.

I'm dedicating tomorrow and every WFW book I sign forevermore to the
memory of Joel Schickman, who passed away this morning after a long
and difficult fight. Joel was in his early 30s, a well-loved Rabbinical
student and talented musician. Diagnosed with Leukemia, Joel's only
hope was to endure the rigors of a Bone Marrow Transplant. Thankfully,
a donor was found and Joel went into remission.

However, Joel's health turned for the worse, when his body was invaded
by a hospital infection last week. His passing is a tragic loss. Today the
earth hums the lullaby of a broken heart. His beautiful wife Heather
embodied tremendous grace and strength throughout, caring not only for
Joel, but for their three small boys.

Joel was diagnosed only nine months ago and everyone who loved and
cared for him, everyone he touched in his life, is still coming to terms as to
why such an amazing soul would be taken from us too soon. Joel
embraced G-d and embraced life. Let us keep his spirit alive and honor
his memory by living life just like he did, with tremendous love.

Below is today's update from his CarePage.


He Is Gone

November 17, 2007
7 Kislev 5768
9:42 a.m. PST

Joel fought very hard, but there were too many infections with too
many contradicting cures. He chose to fight with everything the
doctors had. His soul hummed inside of him with the rhythms of the
ventilator and monitors, and when it broke free I know your prayers
carried it upon wings of song back to his Creator.


Remember Joel next time you sing.