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Monday, July 3, 2006

msg from Jocelyn - Visit with Christine

Hi everyone,

I got to spend a little time with Christine today. It was great to see her. She is currently taking large doses of anti-rejection drugs, which, strangely enough, somehow comes from rabbits, so Christine refers to it as "bunny serum"!

She's counting down to the 5th and is of course scared of what this will be like, but nevertheless she expresses this apprehension with a strength I've never seen before and that is truly awe-inspiring. She told me how wonderful it's been to see everyone who's stopped by to visit, and about one friend who endured three missed attempts to find a vein during platelet donations (and still wants to donate again!).

Her room is covered with pictures of friends, a beautiful photograph of a tree, and while I was there a package arrived containing a large yellow butterfly, which has now been hung above her bed (not a real butterfly, of course!). She also told me one of her friends wanted to set off a fireworks show out her window in the parking lot of City of Hope! Wouldn't that be cool if it weren't so illegal?!


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