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Monday, July 3, 2006

Update from Jocelyn P - Sending Hugs

Christine had asked me to write on her behalf. She has been on heavy doses of chemotherapy agents and narcotics to try to calm the pain. Her mind has been weaving in and out of consciousness and, during the times when she is conscious, feels as if a heavy fog has settled deeply into the crevices of her brain. She is very happy to hear from and see friends no matter how short the visit might be. She says that it feels good to stay connected and be with everyone, no matter how short the visit may be

She would like to extend hugs to all of those who were able to visit her at City of Hope as well as friends and supporters who called or sent pretty pictures. For those who asked, yes, she received packages. Many thanks to friends like Maxine, Richard and Kurt, and Jon C, as well as family like Donna and Mac, your thoughtfulness brought smiles and laughter.

Thank you to all. God bless

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