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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update from Wonsun C - Preparing for the Transplant

Dear family and friends of Christine,

Yesterday, Wednesday June 14, 2006, I accompanied Christine to the City of Hope for her daylong testing in preparation for her June 26th transplant procedure. Pulminary, cardio, vitals (blood pressure), etc. were normal, her examiners said. Her heart is looking even better than before the chemo!

Her last stop was with the nutritionist who reoriented her to the 100-day post-transplant diet. Mainly she needs to control bacterial intake - staying from raw food items, water from certain sources and even our homemade goodies if delivery time exceeds one hour since food collects bacteria in transport.

Throughout the day, Christine spoke about her deep appreciation for all of the support that is around her. She thanked me for simply listening to her and being there with her. I told her that we just need to get her better. Eyes alert and with a small smile, she nodded at me - true to form - showing me the Christine I have always known: A person who remains determined to make it.

Next Wednesday, Christine will be going to a 2-night 3-day trip to Seattle for a second opinion.

Here I end with a familiar request: Please pray for Christine and her family. Anytime, every time. Christine is joined with us as our sister in humanity and when we pray for her, we are doing what is only natural: thinking about her while driving to and from work, over a cup of latte, when we get writer's block and can't get through a scene, etc. All of this is prayer. Christine and her family will feel the power of your prayers even from great distances, benefitting in ways we cannot measure or predict.

I believe that whether one believes in God totally or sometimes or never, is irrelevant. It is not that we love God that but
that God loves us - it is not that we choose God but that God chooses us. The framework for our oneness is already there regardless of our humanly opinions. We just have to be willing - for Christine's sake.

- Wonsun Choi

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