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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunshiny lemonade - Open House

This was my horoscope for today. I love that my situation was described as a "bummer":

"You'll be well loved today for your inspiring attitude of peaceful acceptance. Things that are way beyond your control might be bumming you out especially hard, but try not to get discouraged: There is always hope. Take a brighter, more peaceful
approach and talk things out with the people around you who feel the same. Together, you can all get on a happier topic and turn even the sourest lemons into delicious, sunshiny lemonade. There's an inspiring force deep inside of you, and it can only be revealed through a trial."


Thank you, everyone, for all the offerings of help. Julia will be accompanying me to City of Hope tomorrow (Tuesday) for my Bone Marrow Aspiration Procedure (a surgical test to make sure there is no cancer in the bones) and Jackie will drive me to the 4pm doc appt. Also, thank you to all the generous hearts offering up your homes for the Open House. Together, we are an incredible group of not only beautiful and talented, but also authentic and caring people.

With that said, the Open House will be held this Saturday, June 24th from 11:30am to 4:30pm at Judy & Eric's house in West LA. It will be a very casual, small and intimate backyard BBQ. It won't be like the usual blow-out parties I used to be known
for, just a lovely afternoon where friends can come and go as they please and time will be well spent connecting with one another without any fa├žade or pretense. Expect freshly grilled burgers & sausages, soda & beer, veggie platters and chips. In the backyard, there is a lovely hammock presided over by a lemon tree and lots of rosemary, lavender and roses.

Again, unless a better match is found in the next few days or if the doctors in Seattle (Thursday) recommend something completely different, I will be admitted into the transplant ward this Monday, the 26th. The donor with the mismatches remains our only hope. Enough has been said about statistics. I'm tired of hearing about "the odds" from doctors. My friend Taylor said that if this were Texas Hold'Em, I'd be a Four to the Flush after the Flop. And when that happens, you GOTTA go for it! My friend Steve says I may be the one to get tackled, but the football is in my hands and the rest of the team is running and blocking for me. I just love how men talk: Enough sap, let's roll.

I have to admit. I am scared. I'm not going to inflate myself with false bravado or distract everyone with meaningless platitudes. The last six months has tested every ounce of strength and we have all been working so hard and not getting any sleep, trying to make this miracle happen. When I go into that transplant ward, I'm going to be thinking about you guys and I will to do my darnedest, not give up, and kick some motherfreakin' ass.

I'm going to need you all to help me, because I can't do this alone. The next few weeks will be the most critical. So whether you are a coach, a player, a cheerleader or the waterboy, we need to come together as a team and maybe, just maybe, we can
manifest our own miracle. This is it.

Hope to spread the love on Saturday. I look forward to sharing some sunshine and lemonade.

much love,

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