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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Message from Janice - Comforting Christine

Time with a friend - I came to comfort a friend in need today. She is frustrated with the obstacles she has encountered, frightened that she may not be able to fulfill her dreams, and tired of the endless discussion about her current state of health.

You know how people say that you can't know how someone feels until you have stood in their shoes. I have been there. The person I am talking about is Christine, a person we all know and love. I had the fortune/misfortune to meet Christine when we were both at City of Hope for our transplants, 4 years ago. At that time, I had Christine comforting me as I stood at a critical point in my fight to survive my battle with Leukemia. I am there today because of the blessings of God, the miracles of
medicine, and the love and support of my husband, son, family and friends.

Now Christine is facing this same battle again and is having many of the same feelings I have had. She is frustrated with
her search for the optimal donor, her physical state including her lack of hair, fatigue, and fear for what the future holds for her. She will have some battles ahead of her physically and emotionally. There will be days where she wants to be surrounded by friends and days where she needs to address her feelings in her own way.

I know it is hard for friends and family who want to spend time with her to understand this. She has asked me to try and share with all of you that she treasures you all and owes her life to all of you who have given your time and love to help her. The best of friends will not ask too much about the details of her treatment, prognosis and statistics or what she is feeling about it all. Christine wants to focus on life. She wants to know what you are doing. She needs the distraction and your love.

She promises to share her updates on the group site. She is searching for hope and inspiration from you all. Talk about your future with her and how she fits into that part of your life. That is the best medicine for her. She said to me today that she feels God's purpose for her is to love and be loved.

I feel he has great plans for her. There are movies still to be made and poems to write.

Love you Christine, Janice

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