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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update from Colleen - Hutchinson's Opinion

Christine is resting and asked us to write an update about her meeting at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

We accompanied Christine to Fred Hutchinson where she met with a wonderful doctor who had taken the time to read Christine’s large medical file before talking with her. The doctor gave Christine a detailed explanation about the care and treatment she would receive at Fred Hutchinson.

The turning point in the conversation was when the doctor said they would have to start from zero and would need to do an entire new work-up on Christine. Therefore, the transplant could not be done at Fred Hutchinson until August.

That is too long to wait because the key to a successful transplant is to do the transplant while the lymphoma is most stable.

Because Christine just went through a series of chemo treatments and the lymphoma shrunk, now is best time to do the transplant. Right now, Christine’s liver and kidney functions are both very strong and that will increase her body’s ability to accept the new marrow. If she waited and had more chemo, before the transplant, that could change.

The doctor confirmed that Christine needs to have the transplant ASAP. She said the procedures/protocol at Fred Hutchinson and City of Hope is very similar. Plus, she has known the doctors at City of Hope for 20 plus years and has great admiration for them and their work. The doctor agrees with City of Hope doctors’ treatment plan and with using the partial match donor that has been located.

Christine will be flying back to LA on Friday and will probably begin the transplant procedure on Monday, June 26.

The Seattle Team
Colleen and Maxine

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