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Friday, June 16, 2006

FINALLY, some good news!

My doctor called with the results of the last PET/CAT scans. They looked good!

It appears the chemo worked very well! One of the tumours is "completely resolved". The other two
shrank to 1/3 of their original size. I was jumping up and down on my bed so much that I slipped and landed on my bum.

However, even with the great news, it is still necessary for the transplant to happen. Though the amount of cancer activity has drastically reduced on the PET scan (yay!), there is still some uptake (waah!). My doctor says that without transplant, I will
most likely have another relapse very soon and that I really don't have any fighting options left in terms of chemotherapy. But the good news is that if I do survive the transplant, I have a better chance at a longer life since the tumors have shrunk so much.

I've spoken about going the alternative route with a Chinese acupuncturist/herbalist, an ayurvedic doctor, a naturopath and a homeopath. All of them said that with my diagnosis/prognosis, alternative treatments won't help anymore. The only thing they can do for me is to strengthen body and mind in preparation for the transplant and to help in the recovery after.

Even if I am going to Seattle for a second opinion, City of Hope is still moving forward with the transplant date. (They have been forewarned, however that I can still change my mind.)

So unless a perfect match is found in the next week, it appears I will be admitted on the 26th. I will get high-dose chemotherapy that first week, which will kill my marrow and my body will start dying. When I hit nadir about 7-10 days later, they will infuse marrow (from the donor with the mismatches) into me. We will know within a few days of the transplant whether or not the marrow grafts.

If it does graft, I will remain in the hospital for another 3-6 weeks as my body slowly rebuilds from zero. During this time, I will be in a "bubble" and visitors will probably not be allowed in the room. But there is an inside window, and if I am awake and coherent, you can call me on the phone and we can speak to each other that way. Sort of like visiting someone at prison.

Until then, it's more appointments and help needed. I need a friend for this Tuesday, June 20, someone to drive me to City of Hope for a Bone Marrow aspiration. I will be "going under" with anesthesia for the procedure. We have to leave my place by 8am. If things go smoothly, we will likely be home by 2pm. Later that same day I have another appointment in West LA. I will probably be sore from the procedure and will need help again with another ride. The appointment is at 4pm and will take about one hour. Please let me know if you can help.

It's late and I have to go to bed. I will send more info soon!

Stay well and sleep tight,

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