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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Message from Janice - Visit with Christine

I spent the day with Christine today and she was in good spirits. Her mom and brother had just left for the airport as he was heading home. He will be back when she goes into her 100 days of rebirth.

This is the time when her new bone marrow will be growing. She was in great spirits. I had a good laugh over her imitation of the transplant coordinator nurse. I laughed but deep down I was thinking that this person should not be dealing with transplant patients. Compassion was a class I think the coordinator missed in nursing school.

Christine tried to order her lunch much like Meg Ryan would do in "When Harry Met Sally" I'll have the chicken strips but I want the sauce on the side and I want two pack of mayo, 1 pack of mustard and 1 pack of honey, Oh can't have honey, well give me ranch dressing then. I'll have the baked potato and two pats of butter. When the lunch came she had 1 pack of ranch dressing two packs of mustard, two baked potatoes and 1 pat of butter. Another good laugh. I noticed there is a new hospital but the menu is still the same from when I was in for my transplant. She still had a good sense of humor about it.

We took a walk and then she settled in for a nap. She is doing great and is in good spirits. I left her with a movie that is totally silly and CD of spa music to relax by and some mindless magazines to read the latest on who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood. She knows what is ahead and I can't think of better medicine than to see her friends while they can still take a walk in the hall with her, share laughter with her and let her know you are thinking of her.


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