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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Update from Jocelyn - The new digs

Hi Everyone,

I spoke with Christine today at her new digs, which she calls the ultimate slacker's pad, and she sounded great. She's still tired, of course, but getting stronger every day. In fact, yesterday she learned (drumroll), that she won't be needing anymore platelets!!! However, she still encourages us to donate on her behalf as she has many friends at City of Hope who could use them (she didn't give specific names). Stephanie, who donated last Saturday, gave 2 almost 3 units of platelets...(I am told she didn't make it to 3 because the machine couldn't keep
up with her!!! Christine calls her the Barbarella of the platelet world!) will be Christine's last batch of platelets because she is doing so well!

Also wanted to pass on some information for visitors. Christine loves having visitors, make sure to call ahead as she has many appointments during the day in the hospital, and, at the doctor's request for the next one to two weeks, we should try to limit visitation time to under an hour since it is imperative that Christine gets plenty of rest during this time.


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