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Friday, August 4, 2006

Day 30 (29) - Good News

August 4, Day 30 (39)

Good news.

My blood counts have been doing so well over the last couple days that the doctors have decided to move me to the village... TODAY. The village is a small cluster of "outpatient"
bungalows located on campus. The rooms are by no means fancy... more like a medically
themed Hotel 6, but at least we will be out of the busy main building. It is quieter, has
more privacy and each unit has its own kitchenette.

The nurses keep on reiterating "You're not out of the woods yet" and then follow with a laundry list of things to avoid (like sunlight), symptoms to watch out for (like a cough) and
medications that are essential. Supposedly if I forget to take two pills in particular, I won't survive more than 24 hours. The hospital staff goes on to say that if complications, infections or rejection were to occur, it would most likely haqppen in the next 6 months, but more likely in the next 70 days. No champagne popping yet but things are looking good so far. Think good thoughts.

The staff here says that my recovery had been "remarkable". I attribute it to all the prayers and good vibes that are whizzing through the air. Thank you so much for the continued prayers and for being with me every step of the way. Medicine can treat, but it is love that heals.


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