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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My hair is falling out

Hello friends.

Well, my hair started falling out yesterday. I've been leaving a trail of long silky black strands where ever I go. At this rate, I'll probably be sporting a cue ball by next week. The better news is now everyone can rub my head for good luck.

In terms of marrow drives and media coverage, things are going well. But it's looking tough on the health front.

Despite all our hard work, NO miracle match has been found yet, so City of Hope is trying to contact the "acceptable" (ie partial) match, the only option we have, for the transplant. This transplant is very different than the previous one. By using someone else's marrow, the risks rise exponentially and create more complications. I'm still hoping a real match will appear so I have a better chance at survival.

So here's the news. There really is no way to sugar coat it. My lips and cheeks began to feel numb recently. Because of this, my doctor is now worried that the lymphoma may be getting into my spinal fluid and spreading into my brain. But it could be
anything. They don't know for sure, so I will get an MRI later next week while I am in the hospital. I'm trying to think good thoughts.

The second round of the same 4-day/2-hour/non-stop chemotherapy starts Wednesday, May24th, immediately after the F-Word Benefit Screening. I will be admitted into City of Hope the very next day.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Benefit. Get there early, especially if you want to sign up on the registry. Doors open at 6:30pm. I plan to be there at 6:00. See me before my hair runs out.


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