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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Message from JT - The beauty that she is

I'm one of the lucky few without the sniffles who could visit our dear Christine in Duarte. A sign on Christine's door said "No more than 4 visitors at a time!" Popular girl. She was exhausted by the time I saw her but she still smiled her familiar smile once I got the foot rub going.

Christine had a rough night. The nurses were worried when her blood pressure dove down to 78/42. They were monitoring every 10 minutes and force-feeding her salty foods at 3 in the morning. She had barely the strength to open her mouth, but you could see the fire behind her drowsy eyelids as she forced herself to chew…chew…chew.

She's still got pain from the surgery. Says it's like an ice-pick stuck in the side of her neck. But good girl is getting out of bed and walking twice a day. A true warrior princess. The good news is that if things go well over the next 24 hours, Christine may be going' home as soon as Sunday morning!

Even through all this, Christine was able to laugh when she heard of the dubious honor of her blurb on Then, a phone call came in. KSCI-TV wants to do an interview with her next week. She's our rock star.

More good news. Christine is excited to share that there will be a Benefit Screening of the highly controversial feature length film she co-produced, "F*CK" on Tuesday, May 23 at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills. Save the date and let everyone know about the super special thinkfilm sneak preview before its release in theaters this fall. More info later.

I'm not much of a poet but I wrote this while watching her sleep. For those of you who don't know me, I love her like a sister and fiercely protect her like my own.

The beauty that you are is a gift to us all
Because the beauty that you are reflects
The beauty we strive to be

The beauty that you are makes young girls into heroes
The beauty that you are turns boys into real men
Your beauty makes me wonder, how can I do better.

The beauty that you are is sometimes hurt
By a coward who runs away from the reflection he sees in you
Pity he chooses his fear over your beauty
His is a life less lived and a life better forgotten.

But the beauty that you are is ageless
It is whole and effervescent
Beyond Helen of Troy,
The beauty that you are has launched a thousand stars.

New York Loves you,

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