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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update from Michelle - A bit of good news

I visited with Christine last night, and received a bit of positive news - her counts have risen very very slightly. As Christine says, this is nothing more but a small drop in the bucket, and since the movement upwards is so small, it is impossible to know whether this is a sign that the marrow is grafting. In addition, her counts are still very low overall, and so we all need to keep sending Christine our positive thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the combination of her
incredible strength and our continued prayers will get her counts up and destroy this F-ing cancer for good.

Although Christine said she felt tired, she looked beautiful and strong (which is remarkable considering all she has been through), and we chatted through the glass for quite a while. As usual, she was curious about what was going on beyond the City of Hope walls, and we talked about the heat, fires, music, movies, etc, etc. We also talked about where we will go to eat when she is released (although she can't really eat much, she is craving buttered popcorn, thick steaks and fried bananas � what a combo!), what countries she will travel to, and how happy she will be when she can just hug someone once again. She told me that it is all of life's little pleasures - like feeling warm sunshine on her skin, holding hands, or indulging in a hot fudge sundae that she misses the most right now.

In all, it was wonderful to see her and we had a great visit. Please do keep sending her your prayers and healing thoughts, and for those who are able, do try to visit with her. Like others have said, having friends come by breaks up the monotony of her days.

Let us all hope and pray that the bit of good news I received will be the beginning of a positive trend, and that her counts will continue to rise.


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