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Friday, July 28, 2006

Update from Frances - Christine needs platelets

I saw Christine yesterday and she seems to be doing well. She said that her tiny "four-wall" world is so removed from the real world that our visits help because she can vicariously experience the outside world through the energy and news we bring.

It was fine being on the phone separated by her window because we could see one another and talk without her being exposed to harmful germs.

She is amazing...she's been through so much and she continues to share her beautiful smile and hearty laughter! She said that it helps her to know that so many people are thinking about her.

In addition to loved ones, she said that there are even strangers that have sent cards and letters of encouragement. She told me about a letter from a teenager who heard her speak at a church service who is now a young advocate for marrow registration. She was cheered up by the little things I brought to add to her hospital room decor. There's a bulletin board in her room for displaying cards, letters, picures... We need to keep that board littered with stuff because it helps her to "feel the love".

On a medical note, Christine still needs platelets. I am fortunate to have been able to share some of my health with her by donating platelets at City of Hope. Call 626-245- HOPE (4673) to schedule an appointment.

Frances M

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