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Saturday, July 1, 2006

T-minus 4 days to transplant

It is Saturday night, July 1. We are at T-minus 4 days to transplant.

Today I got the big dose of Melphalan chemo and tolerated it surprisingly well. The nurses keep asking, "Are you SURE you're not nauseated?" Carlos, Jackie and friend kept me entertained by playing Q-Bert, Bubble Bobble and Pac- Man on the tricked out custom made videogame system Tinoy and Jocelyn set up for me this afternoon.

Gregg, Leslie and Stephanie also visited after donating platelets today. Gregg said they met two women in the waiting room. As the conversation came around, the two ladies revealed that they were donating for a patient they didn't even know, but whose story moved them so much that they decided to help by giving blood/platelets. As it were, they were there to help yours truly. I was simply flabbergasted when I heard this and humbled as well. I wanted to cry and run down and hug them! Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your life to pray/support and BLEED for me. It really really means SO much and reflects what caring, authentic and beautiful souls you all are! I am so excited that blood of my friends will literally be running through my veins! You will actually be KEEPING ME ALIVE. Now THAT's wild stuff.

Tonight at midnight we start the Tacrolimus and Sirolimus infusion. Both of these are heavy "anti-rejection" drugs. Let's please pray that they do their job and that the transplant goes smoothly.

Tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday I will be infused with ATG. This concoction is more anti-rejection stuff. Even if ATG is extracted from harmless bunny rabbits, it is VERY serious. Patients usually get feverish, flu-like chills and bad allergic reactions. I'm allergic to fuzzy
bunnies and have told this to my doctor and nurses over and over again but they have assured me that because of the unpredictability of how each patient will react, I will have "one-on-one" care tomorrow. One nurse will be by my side the entire time. Comforting, yet a bit disquieting that it will be necessary.

July 4th is my favorite holiday over all holidays. Yes, even better than Christmas or Halloween. It is because on that day we celebrate the blessings of our lives, and we do it by gathering together in humungous groups to share food and shout out "oooh!" and "aaah!" as we watch the sky explode with fire and stars. Fireworks have always brought out the wonder and the gleeful joy of the child in me. I've never missed July 4th. This year, even though I am in my little bubble, my window overlooks a wide swath of the valley and I hope to catch little sprays of light in the sky in the distance. I hope you are all celebrating your freedom, not just the freedom we have in this country, but the freedom you have right now to do most anything you want. That is a blessing. Happy July 4th Weekend.

Here is a bit of good news: The partial donor has NO Allergies. So once I make it through this, I won't be allergic to bunnies anymore and can cuddle all I want!

Have a blessed and safe weekend.

Much love,

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