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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

msg from Tim S -

Having had to put off a visit to see Christine for almost a month due to one sniffle or another, I finally made it in the late afternoon on Sunday.

Being in isolation is a real thrill. You come to know every inch of your cell, every noise and exactly what it is with time, and your internal clock knows when the I.V. bags will be changed and something new will be added.

The method of visiting was unique. It reminded me of an old Madonna video and an episode of NYPD Blue were the skell or pert was pumping quarters into the machine at the peep show. I dialed the number, the curtains parted, and Christine appears. For one who has been there,
she looked great, was in good spirits, and gets exhausted by talking. I purposely didn't bring a great number of quarters.

We had a good chat about the annoyances that come with incarceration, the well intended things that make one want to scream, and the wait each day from the time of your early morning blood draw until they tell you your counts.

She was fully aware that she received male bone marrow and knows that the little marrows most probably are too proud to ask directions. But, she is confident, that necessity will trump ego and they will find their way to engraftment central. Being male, I absorbed her rather
blatant criticism considering her condition.

She was tired. That was clear. But, she had that smile. This was good.

She is in good hands and blessed by so many wonderful friends.

Tim S

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