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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Update from Beth - Visit with Christine

Hey kids,

I got in my visit with Christine and family on Saturday afternoon, July 8. I was totally jonesin' for some Christine time due to my last few weeks of bein out of the country. Updates just don't quite cut it from abroad, ya know?

Actually, the word "jonesin" was one of the first topics of my phone-through-glass conversation with Christine. The timing turned out pretty good since she woke up right when I
got there.

After mentioning how seeing one of her friends always makes her puddle up a little with tears, Christine joked about the high powered meds she's cravin. She said "Must be time for more morphine." I replied "Uh-oh!" She returned, "Oh no, morphine is goooood!" Laughter ensued.

So you can tell the stress and pain her body is going through. She was hunched up on her side, real sleepy and feeling pretty poorly, describing it as, "it's like the stomach flu meets your worst morning hangover ever." Although I could have gone into sympathetic detail about my worst hangover ever, I thought it would be best to let that one slide, for the sanctity of all stomach linings in the near vicinity.

Well, dear Christine and I had a real good talk for a while, mainly about our usual stuff, like boys. :) I told her about my vacation, and she was very interested to hear that Paris boys made the top of the list in attractiveness, rather than London boys. She spoke with a Pepe Le Pew accent about "ah oui, zee french" and "zier way wiss zee love."

Yes travel was a big topic and kept the spirits up for both of us. I told her now that I am back in California, I am so bored, so she has to get better and go out with me. Her comment, "Trust me, I don't want to be in here. I'd so rather go out." So I guess, visiting Christine is kind of like visiting an innocent friend in prison. You want to find a way to slip her an iron file in a bag of platelets or something, but the security is pretty tight. She said her favorite phrase right now is "antiseptic wipes."

As things drew to a sleepy fade out, we said bye-byes on the phone and her dad came back to the window to draw the curtains again. It almost seemed a little Amterdam red- light district risquee, like my euros had run out so I'd have to insert more money if I wanted the curtains to open up again. Haha! I'm just sayin....

Well Dad came back outside of the room and we talked for a bit about speed boats. As we
walked out of City of Hope, we ran into her brother Marc, carrying a big bag of neat relaxo stuff for Christine from the Sharper Image. Outside was Mom, waiting by the car. I had to rush
over and get my Mom hug. She said she can't go into the room right now cause she's had a cold, so she talks with Christine on the window phone like I did. I know that must be real tough for her, but she said she's glad Marc and Dad are around this week to be with Christine in the room, and she'll be better and back in there with her soon.

So put in your prayers for the marrow to graft, cause this is an awesome family. I know I
love them all. Like others have said before, always put in a call to the hospital and their
room before you go for a visit, to see how Christine is feeling. It's really helpful to the
family and keeps the emotional weariness for Christine at reasonable levels.

Through these phone calls, I actually delayed my visit a day, and I'm glad. For they all said the day before had been real tough on her, but it was great to see her more cheerful and talking
on Saturday.

Stay strong Christine! Show that applesauce who's the boss! :)

All my love,
Beth S

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