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Monday, June 9, 2008

BMT Reunion/Press Conference Photos

I've been so busy lately, but I was FINALLY able to get some photos from the BMT Reunion from April 25th up on Flickr. It was the biggest turn-out for the press conference in the history of City of Hope! I'm still working on the captions and such but for those who missed the day, enjoy...

By the way, a reporter at the event talked to my parents and wrote a nice post on his blog.



Unknown said...

Lovely pictures! We didn't give up hope over here in Atlanta. Miracles do happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

Glad you are so busy and also that we get to see the beautiful photos of you in your red dress smiling your way through the BMT Reunion! You look SO beautiful and happy but I bet there were some tears flowing in gratitude for this amazing accomplishment. I loved seeing your parents and Kent's family too!

Blessings and love to you always,


Anonymous said...

Christine - you really shine in these pictures. You are a gift to all of those around you and an inspiration to those who are fighting the battle at this time. Your miracle is all of ours miracle.