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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Midnight of Hope - City of Hope

I've had quite a few requests to repost the poem I read last month at the City of Hope BMT Celebration of Life Event. Even with the 6000+ people in attendance, it was like a sharing in a wonderful family reunion. Thank you everyone again for making it such an unforgettable day.

This photo is just a small fraction of all the survivors who attended!

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The Midnight of Hope

Spent last New Year’s Eve at City of Hope
Alone in my room, didn’t know how I’d cope
Thinking of the all the champagne, the confetti, the cheers
Of others feasting and singing to welcome New Year’s

Friends came to visit but left before ten
I didn’t want friends to miss the parties and joy offered to them
Around the world people danced in the streets to celebrate the night
And here I was tethered, alone, fighting for my life

Broken and sobbing in my bed
Uncertainty and fear swirling in my head
Brooding about the fun at midnight I’d miss
Realizing… I had no one to kiss

Hearing the medical clicks from my IV pole
I remember….. I began to cry into my pillow
Holding on to Hope and not wanting to believe
That I probably wouldn’t see next New Year’s Eve

But now it’s a year later and I’m cancer-free
This year Times Square is waiting for me
I have City of Hope doctors and nurses to thank for this
And this year, I look forward to that sweet kiss

With my family and friends, we shall dance to celebrate this life
A second chance to live and laugh after so much strife
My dearest one who ever stood by my side
We’ll raise our glasses and sing to auld lang syne


But thinking again, I realize I am wrong
"January 1st" only sings a small part of the song
For if Midnight can bring Hope, about Life Anew,
Of Joy, of Freedom and of Gratitude

If in the coldest of winter, at the darkest of night
We can still find in ourselves, our own Ball of Light
Then I don’t need Dick Clark or a Fireworks display
For the anniversary of my marrow transplant is my New Year’s Day


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Anonymous said...

Have you come down from the high of that day? I am sure glad I came. The whole event was very inspiring.