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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Big C - A Much Lived Life

I had the pleasure of performing my poems in three separate presentations at this year's installment of "The Big C" at Hollywood Presbyterian's National Cancer Survivor Day celebration on Saturday, June 14th. Thank you to Christian Meoli for putting together an incredible show and to Christina Lindhart, my talented and beautiful director. Also congratulations to all the survivors and performers for sharing their stories of strength, humor and healing.

Backstage after the show with fellow writer friends James, Julie and Alex.

Since the performance I have had many requests for the poem that was performed by the entire cast during the grand finale. Here is the performance version of "A Much Lived Life"

- - - - -

A Much Lived Life

If you were told you had less than 10 years to live, what would you do?
Would you mourn the loss of the Life you thought you could have had,
Or would you finally live the Life you’ve always dreamed of?

If you were told you had less than five years to live,
Would you spend your days in grief and anger,
Or would you live 50 years worth of Life in five?

If you were told you had less than a year to live,
Would you isolate and be consumed with the sorrow of your impending death,
Or would you reach out, make a difference while you still can,
take advantage of every sunrise,
making every moment, every word, every touch and every relationship
meaningful, pure, Loving and fully alive?

If you were told you only had one month left to live,
Would you curse, weep and lament your fate,
Or would you spend those last precious days
sharing Love with your family & friends,
remembering and laughing at the memories of your crazy beautiful luscious Life,
thus creating new memories for your loved ones to cherish
and carry on in their hearts?

If you were told you only had one day left to live,
Would you look back at your Life with regret,
Or would you look back with Peace?

The truth is, each one of us will die someday.
And whether that day comes tomorrow or in 50 years,
The question is:
What will you do with the time you have left?
It is not too late.

For what truly matters is not how long you live,
but how much.
And the greatest moments in Life
are the little ones.

Christine Pechera


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