And What Followed...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FOX – KCOP Channel 13

Here is the FOX - KCOP Channel 13 News Segment:

Thanks again to all who came to share in the moment!



Anonymous said...

SO AWESOME! you are a living miracle, christine! ROCK ON! ~f

Av1989 said...

Hey Christine! I have been following your story with my father since 2006 and I truly have prayed for you! I am so happy that your story ended up with a new beginning!... My father's best friend had a non hodgkins lymphoma as well he was fortunate enough to find a match you can read about him on his old website. we are holding a tournament for him next year sometime it would be amazing if you could speak at that tournament. we are now trying to help a young women with cancer Joanna Bilionis she as well needs to find a match.It would be amazing if you could come speak at our tournament in chicago next year!