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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good news - So long Hickman!

Well, it's official. I got shingles. We caught it early though, so hopefully this pain thing won't last very long. I only have a dozen percosets left anyway. I am not contagious, unless you've never had chicken pox before. All my counts have dropped because of the re-activated virus.

But I do have good news: I've had a hickman catheter in my chest for over six months now. These are the tubes that lead straight into my heart, which the doctors use to administer medicine, transfusions and to draw blood. When you reach a certain level of recovery, it is safe to take the hickman out because it is less likely that you will be needing medicine and
transfusions. A good sign. Plus, I'll be allowed to take hot baths and deep massages again. Yay.

My follow-up appointments for the 22nd have been rescheduled for Wednesday the 24th, the same day as the outpatient surgery to remove the Hickman. I need a ride to City of Hope and back. I will be sedated for the surgery. Pick up is at 8am and estimated return is no later than 2pm. A good time to catch up on calls or a good book. Any takers?

BTW - I've spoken to some of you about planning a big blow-out party on Feb. 3 to celebrate my Birthday (Jan 26) as well as a celebration of life. With this recent bout, however, I'm afraid we will have to postpone until I get my dancing feet back.

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