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Saturday, January 13, 2007

From Bonnie - Dan's Marrow Drive

I am new even though I have been checking posts for a while Bet you wonder who I am? I heard about Christine from my friend Diane G in Atlanta who is a friend of a friend of Christine's sister Jocelyn. Diane asked me if we could have a drive here in Illinois because of our large Filipino community. I was preparing for a trip to Pascagoula Mississippi with a teen mission group,. so couln't put a lot of time into it. I turned it over to my friend Dan and his family who are Filipino, since I am not.

Dan did a wonderful job but on the day of the drive our pastor let us down with follow up announcements after the masses and I was in tears. We got a small turn out but we did get some! After Dan's hard work it was a dissapointment not to have gotten more. But we were reassured some were better than none and we had tried. I belive we ended up with 35 donors.

But since then I have followed Christine's progress. I feel I know you all and definately love you all. What a loving comunity of
friends Christine has.

I am Bonnnie I am 63 years old so was not able to donate myself I live in Bloomingdale Illinois a suburb of Chicago. I am please to know you all via internet

Prayers always for Christine!!

Love and Hugs

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