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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the NEWS this week!

The surgery went smoothly last Friday and I've been at home recovering
nicely. Went off the powerful pain meds this morning after last
night's hallucinations proved to be TOO creepy for me to handle!

This Thursday, August 14, my story will be on KCBS/KCAl as part of a
larger story for City of Hope and ThinkCure. The segment is scheduled
to air during the newscasts on CBS during the 6A and 5P shows. It
also airs on KCAL during the Noon, 4P, 8P, 10P.

This Saturday somewhere in the 2 o'clock hour (to be confirmed), I
will be on KABC radio as part of a ThinkCure telethon to raise money to fight cancer.

For those who have been patiently waiting (thank you!) I finally set up a separate "college fund" account. I wanted to name it "Christine's College Fund" but for various reasons the checks still have to be made out to my name. "College Fund" should be written in the memo area. After so much uncertainty, I can't describe how wonderful it feels to be making goals for the future. I never realized what a luxury that was before. Thanks again to those who have sent gifts of support! Classes start in two weeks!


much love,

Christine's College Fund
10008 National Blvd. #174
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Anonymous said...

Hello Christine,

I just now found out about you from a comment you posted on Michelle's website.

You know, you are an inspiration, by anyone's measure, but you may not realize how many different ways you have helped the cause of everyone in a similar need.

In our case, we have had our top ad spot across our sites pointed to Project Michelle for MONTHS now, and while we know we have done what we can, it seems like we haven't done enough because Michelle still needs a donor.

Looking at you makes me realize that of all the donors who have registered through our site, one of them may have been someone who could help you... or anyone else who is in need.

Even if we never heard from you or anyone else, who found a donor because of something we did, we should never be discouraged or feel like it isn't enough.

Someone, sometime, somewhere will be a match for the people who registered because of project Michelle, and what little we could do. If it wasn't you, then someone else will find new hope.

I pray God will continue to bless you.


P.S. As a film maker, I hope you will find it in your heart to do the same brilliant kind of work you have done for yourself for others, like Michelle. Your work is fabulous.