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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrating Health

The other day I fulfilled another one of my wishes. As most of you
know, while I was in the hospital, I started a list of wishes and
things I wanted to do after transplant. It gave me something to
look forward to, to aim for and dream about. It also helped me to
believe that I would indeed survive and do all those things one day.
Some wishes were simple, like "Walk along the beach at sunset".
Others were more ambitious, as in "Visit all the major cities in the

This weekend I fulfilled a simple wish. A couple friends and I went
to a festival in the park. An Afro-Cuban band drummed and
trumpeted from the stage. The wish fulfilled: To dance barefoot in
the grass. I felt so free and alive; with the sun piercing through the
tree branches above me and the branches themselves shuddering
to the boom beat of all the drums. I laughed as I let the hipsway
and the swirl overtake me. It felt so good, I actually started to cry.

To be outside in the fresh air dancing under the trees, without
having to worry about blood counts and statistics and scans…
that is freedom.

Save the date: To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the
transplant, my first BMT birthday, as well as my real Birthday
(which I had to postpone), I plan to have a party on a Saturday in
mid to late July. It’s going to be an 80s PROM.

The cheesy theme: “Forever Young: Reclaim the Dream”.

The uglier the prom dress the better. Ruffled shirts and blue
tuxedos strongly encouraged. Taffeta and poof sleeves welcomed.
I’m still trying to find a venue so if anyone has any suggestions
please let me know.

And just to get you guys TOTALLY PSYCHED ...

Dreaming of spiral perms and penny loafers,

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