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Friday, April 6, 2007

Nine month transplant anniversary

Can you believe it has been 9 months since the Bone Marrow Transplant? Happy Anniversary! My, how time flies when you're alive…

Well, my health has slipped back just a wee bit. I overdid it AGAIN, this time by doing absolutely nothing at all… literally relaxing out by the pool at the Beverly-Wilshire. It turns out I'm not supposed to be basking out in the sun and soaking in Jacuzzis just yet. What should have been a rejuvenating spa day triggered Graft vs. Host, so now I'm hit with complications, which at this point aren't life threatening but a sucky reminder that it's going to take some time to fully recover.

One thing I got is something called "peripheral neuropathy". Basically my skin is numb... yes, numb. I can't even feel my clothes. Very freaky. I've actually had moments where I answered the door and panicked and thought," Oh my God, I'm naked!" But looked down to see that I was actually clad in three layers of clothing.

Related to this is a need to nip a problem before it gets any worse. April (Friday the) 13th, I will have surgery to take care of some digestive track issues. Again, not life threatening but the surgeon said I will probably be bedridden for up to a week, hopped up on Quaaludes. Good times. It is outpatient surgery, so I'm seeking help in someone who can drive me to City of Hope at like, 5 in the morning, hang out in Duarte all day and then drive my anesthetized badonkadonk back home in the afternoon.

I guess you can say that my new marrow/stem cells are still in training. If you want to get an actual microscopic view of one my Chinese donor cells inside my body, click HERE.

On a serious note, if I could ask everyone to take just a second right now and send a little prayer up for my friend Robin. She is going through a rough and uncertain time and spent her 30th Birthday in the hospital yesterday. Let's send some good thoughts her way. Robin's Website.


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