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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back home from Surgery - need help

(written under influence of oxycodone)

I finally made it back home! Yesterday was the first time I was outside in four days. Janice was generous with the TLC and probably contributed to a speedier recovery. I'm still walking gingerly and having to take pain pills but I'm ambulatory now (sort of) and able to sit up okay.

What I'm not ready to do is drive long distances. It puts too much strain on the surgery area and leaves me crying out for momma. But I have afternoon appointments tomorrow (Thursday, April 19) at City of Hope and thus, in need a kind soul who can drive and then push me around in a wheelchair. Leave around 1:45pm. Return 5:30-ish.

I was going to drive myself but I'm quickly realizing that that is not a good idea right now.


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