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Thursday, December 7, 2006

From Jennifer F - It takes time

i had a bone marrow transplant in april and it is really important that people around the area help christine out. i actually had my mother live with me for the first 100 days and i have my girlfriend who lives with me. things are very tiring and trying.

i don't know how her platelets are doing-but if she is getting transfusions and also if her platelets are not above 50,000, she should not be driving.

i cant believe people cannot drive her back and forth to her hospital appointments that is very serious to have someone there.

i live in new jersey. if i lived closer, i would try to help her out. i always make someone go with me because it is hard to go do that alone also

even now my counts went down yesterday and in two weeks when i go back, i have to do all these tests..

when i watched her on the news. i thought it was great they were following up, but i also thought the clip was deceiving. this is not over-and for at least a year to two, things can be hard. they might get a little easier, but things spring up.

thank you

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