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Sunday, December 17, 2006

165 Post Transplant - Happy Hanukah!

Happy Hanukah! (And only 7 days until Christmas!)

JC brought a very cool silver-blue Christmas Tree to my apartment this week. Not having any ornaments on hand, we put butterflies on the branches. Looks tres chic. My brother in NYC has a: ChristmasKwanzaaHanukahPanchaGanapatiSolsticeIdal-AdhaSoyalOmisokaYule Tree. That's his way of not keeping any of his friends out of the celebration.

We are 165 days post-transplant and counting down the 15 days to Day 180. Less than 50% of patients who make it through the type of procedure I went through actually survive past 180 days. "Fortunate" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. By sheer coincidence, Day 180 will be NEW YEAR'S DAY. Pretty awesome serendipity, if you ask me.

Actually, yesterday was the anniversary of the biopsy that started this whole rollercoaster ride. It's amazing even to me, that I'm above ground. I had a quiet celebration and then snuggled in bed for the rest of the night.

I hope everyone's holidays have been effervescent, magical and candy-cane blessed so far. And if it doesn't seem that way yet, just open your eyes a little wider. The world can only be as beautiful as you allow it to be.


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