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Friday, September 29, 2006

Marrow is holding it's own!

I got blood test results today that revealed my levels nudged up just a wee-little bit (first time WBC levels were above 2.0, normal is 4.0 to 11.0) and my platelets have NOT gone below 50 (normal is 150 to 350).

This means that the marrow is "holding its own", without any injections or transfusions. A good sign. Thus, there is a small small small possibility that I may be going home in a couple weeks! The next step on the way to recovery. We are
so lucky to have gotten this far. It was a one in three chance. It remains a one in three. But I am so so grateful to continue to still be here and share this beautiful life with you guys.

October 15 is the weekend of that great milestone : "Day 100". :)

Much much love,

P.S. FYI - In the middle of writing this message I had another emergency come up and went to the ER and back. Everything seems to be under control now. Each day is like Apollo 13. The situation, your strength and your fragility changes, with every hour. Makes you really appreciate the now.

Life is not about how many years you live, but how many moments you love.

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