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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Get yourself screened

I plan to send out a more detailed update on my progress very soon. Even with the 100% graft, it's still been a rollercoaster ride on all levels. My days are consumed with appointments, tests, waiting rooms, fatigue and naps. Reaching out to other patients and families, talking and connecting and sharing story, helps us all to learn and heal together. Everyone here is living on the precipice and that heightens the moments and makes simple words strikingly heavy and meaningful. A patient looking at you straight in the eye and saying "I hope to see you next week" is truly what is in his heart. I usually give the longest hug I can and try not to cry. The best response I've heard was (by a dark-humored patient) "If not, I'll catch up with you later." This is what they really mean by living on the edge.

For those of us who want to keep in the realm of life and vitality, I just found out that there will be a Health Fair at City of Hope tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th). There will be FREE Health screenings, information booths, pharmacists to question, and healthy food giveaways and door prizes. But the mother of all is the as- seen-on-TV, made famous by Huell Howser, 20 foot long 'Super Colon'that you can walk through. It's a pop-culture legend! I'd love to take a picture of Tom Cruise pouting in the middle of the colon with the line "Look at all the s**t I have to go through." Let's put that on the New York Post.

Well, I want my friends to stay healthy so I thought I'd send out this announcement. Get yourself screened!

Stay well. Be well.


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