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Monday, March 3, 2008

Positively Negative

I had to undergo the big scary PET/CAT Scans the other day. It’s hard to believe that 20 months have passed since the transplant. There’s a period of nerves as the scan date approaches, and then noxious anxiety when waiting for the results. When you’re a patient, you know it’s bad if the doctor is giving you too much concern and attention. But when a doctor practically blows in and out of the room…

Here’s how it went:

Doc: (As he walks into the room) Negative. Negative. Negative.*
Me: Negative?
Doc: Everything’s negative.
Me: I’m still cancer free!
Doc: You’re as cancer free as the rest of us.
Me: “Yeeuuhh!”
[We hug]
Doc: (As he walks out of the room) Congratulations kid. You’re doing good.

- Winner for the shortest, sweetest doc appointment I’ve ever had! -

Much love,

*Negative is a good thing in cancerspeak. It means that your scans are clear. A “positive” means that something has positively shown up on your scans. That’s not good. When it comes to scans, it is the only time everyone wants to be viewed negatively. =)


Joe.Karen said...

that sounds like the most fantastic doctor's visit ever. i'm so thrilled for you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatagirl - CONGRATULATIONS Butterfly. Feels good to feel good, doesn't it? Straight ahead...


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your news! I can't even begin to imagine the days prior to the test and the day of. You are much braver than I could ever be. To stand and fight as you have and to continue to do so has given me that rare opportunity to witness the triumphant fight of the human spirit. If the Vatican doesn't consider this a miracle then I'll have to report them to the Better Business Bureau~!


Anonymous said...

Way to soar! Congratulations! Wheee!

Anonymous said...

Excellent!!!!! That's the kind of doctor visits I like hearing about!!! As we say in Spanish, "Mazal Tov!" :) Levys

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the word negative is exactly what you want to hear when you go thru a CAT scan. May your results continue to be negative for a long, long, time.
Been negative myself,

Anonymous said...

Rock and roll, sister!

Anonymous said...

That's positively great news! Take care. Joan...

Anonymous said...

Yey! Great news Christine!

Anonymous said...

Dominic & I are both so happy to hear the good news! I love you and
hope to see you soon. You're in my thoughts constantly-miss you.

Christine (aka Sliva)