And What Followed...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm finally in the papers for something other than cancer! Woo hoo!
Too bad I have no make-up on. Boo hoo! (j/k)

Ruben V. Nepales writes about the Sundance Film Festival and I happen to be in the picture.

Click HERE to see the article.

Will share more details about the festival later!

Life is good,


Anonymous said...

hi christine,

i'm pinoy and father of a 12-year old girl who is about to be 500 days post-bmt. i'd been following your development and you are a source of inspiration to us. you are glowing in your inquirer pics.

jonathan bayogan
davao city, philippines

Anonymous said...

First I was so excited for you that you got to go there this year. Two, I am thrilled that you life is heading in such a positive direction. I told you G_d had plans for you and it wasn't to die in a hospital bed at COH. And three, I am so excited to know someone like you. I sent the site to Matt and Larry and here is Larry's response.

"We’ll have to put a “Christine Slept Here” sign on Matt’s bed…of course we’ll have to mention Matt wasn’t there at the time!" -L

Love, Janice