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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Overdid it again

When my doctor turned to me with her hands on her hips, I knew I was in trouble.

"Are you already back to work?!" her voice shredded the air with exasperation.
"No." I mumbled, moping like a 13-year old. I knew what was coming next.
"You are overdoing it again. You have to stop."
Notice she did not say "slow down".

The doctor pushed a paper in my face showing that all my blood levels plummeted 25% since my birthday.
"Now your body have to work hard all over again."

OK. I admit I pushed it just a little celebrating the Birthday that almost wasn't. But what's an elated girl to do? Sit in a room and blow out candles all by herself?
"You rest more. Stop doing so much. You want to get better, right?"
I pouted. "Ohh...kay..."

I'm just so happy to be alive and feeling so fortunate for the miraculous outcome of an uncertain year. I had the honor of speaking at another City of Hope event this weekend. As usual, it was a very emotional speech. My heart broke as a couple stories were shared of patients who were less fortunate or who were having great difficulties with post-transplant complications. I was the lucky one to be the poster-child survivor who could speak on behalf of all the cancer patients. Thus, my thirst to live... NOW.

Well, lesson learned is that patience is a virtue that I'm still working on. Also, a note that I WILL be taking it easier and slower, kinder and gentler. The marrow needs all the help it can get.

We all should be taking better care of ourselves.


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