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Monday, April 24, 2006

Scan Results - From Eternity into Breath

Bad news.

There's no other way to put this. My scans results were not good. My doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital today but the soonest they could schedule me for surgery (to implant a hickman catheter) is next Tuesday. I will be admitted and given 24/7 chemo on a different and very potent anti-cancer cocktail twice over the next few weeks.

They are going to contact my partial match and hope that he will say yes. Unless a miracle happens and my perfect match signs up on the marrow registry in the next two to four weeks, I will be going into a high-risk allogenic marrow transplant before summer.

In the processing of all this, I scribbled this on the back of my results.

From eternity into breath.
Back to eternity.
This life is our one chance to connect
To love
To touch
With our own hands
With our own words
This is our one chance to create anything we want
Happiness or sorrow
With our own thoughts
With our own heart
Before this single gasp of the universe finishes its exhale
Before returning once again into eternity
Love while you can.

-C Pechera

Staying strong.


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