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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Monday at the Culver Hotel

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your phone messages and e-mails. I've been inundated with words of love and I'm bringing it all in, infusing it with saffron goodness and circling it back out again. Please know that I am receiving your words and though I truly wish I
could, I am unable to respond every single message. It actually pains me that I cannot reciprocate personally. Per popular demand, I will be sending an e-mail out later today or tomorrow explaining the details of what is going on, what the scans mean and my tentative treatment schedule.

For now, know that I am scheduled for surgery Wednesday morning, May 3, followed by 4 straight days on non-stop 24-hour chemo. The chemo is so intense that it causes mental confusion and hallucinations, so if you come to visit me, here is your warning: I may be speaking in tongues and begging you to turn off the laser light show.

In an attempt to connect before the chemo starts to flow, I am having an "open house" of sorts on Monday night, May 1 from 5-7pm at the Culver Hotel in Culver City. We'll be at the lobby bar. I'll be the one sipping Shirley Temples. Feel free to drop by, come and go, share a hug, share a toast. Stop, breathe, share a moment and leave uncertainty at the door. Drink with me... to days gone by. Sing with me... the songs we knew. [Apologies to Les Miz]

Much love,

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