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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Day 89 (99 Days in the hospital) - Busy little patient

Today is Day 89 post-transplant. 99 days in the hospital. The big milestone "Day 100" (post-transplant) falls on Friday the 13th! My counts are still lower than hoped for at this point, so we still don't know how much longer until I go home for the next stage of recuperation. I am tearfully thankful that I am still here. Tomorrow I go in for the next battery of tests to see how the weather is inside.

But right now I need some help. "Cinema Secrets" in Toluca Lake will be holding a fundraiser/marrow drive on Saturday, October 28. Debra, Mike and their team of make- up and costume maestros have generously stepped forward to make a difference. There will be an In'n'Out truck at the event from (I think) something like 11 to 4. Every burger sold will go towards helping Jerome and I in our fight against cancer. Jerome is a very good friend of mine who will be admitted for a bone marrow transplant in the next month. His odds are the same as mine. So tell all your friends, (especially ethnic minorities!) to go there if they haven't signed up on the registry yet, if they haven't got their Halloween costume yet, if they have a few dollars they can drop into the donation can, or if they just want a good burger. I plan to have my very first "double-double-animal-style" of 2006 that day!

This Saturday my Mom and I will be kidnapped by Limo to a hoity-toity fundraiser for City of Hope where I will be honored as a "special guest speaker". From what I hear, the Los Angeles equivalents of the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Astors will be there. It's going to be weird speaking to such a discriminating crowd whilst sporting a big blue surgical mask.

One more thing, remember that F-Word movie I worked on? We are rolling out in theaters across the country starting in November.

It's a long road to recovery. But it sure never gets boring around here.

From the hospital bed,

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