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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update from Maxine - Transplant begins

Dear Family and Friends of Christine,
I talked with Christine last night and she asked me to give an update. She only has dial up so can't do emails now.
Yesterday, June 26th, she had a long slow transfusion, as she says "Costco-sized" transfusion of O positive blood which went very smoothly. Actually, she slept through most of it! Her brother Marc decided to donate platelets for his sister at the same time so they were lying in adjacent rooms. Marc had such a good platelet count, he was able to give two units instead of usual one! There was a window between their two rooms so when Christine opened her eyes, she could see Marc and they waved at each other. It was very good for both of them!
At 4 pm she was admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant floor of City of Hope and when we talked, she sounded great and was eating dinner! Chemo starts tonight for about seven days to "erase" the white cells and prepare for the new stem cells from the donor. The actual bone marrow transplant is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 5th.
According to Dr Nade, Christine is a high risk patient. So Christine is asking for LOTS of prayers, especially over the next two weeks!. She has had such good care, including Dr. Effie Petersdorf, the Fred Hutichinson doctor in Seattle who gave the second opinion. Come to find out, she is one of the TOP people in the field of HLA research and know-how and she agreed that Christine needs this transplant now. Coincidentally, she and Dr. Nade have been personal friends for over twenty years! It's a small world and one with many good people giving the best there is for Christine!
Visiting will be possible in the next 5 days or so, but no one with sniffles, etc etc. and you get to wear the lovely gown and mask! Check out her last email with her wish-list for music, pictures and whimsical items for her room that will make her smile! We love that beautiful, thousand-watt smile of hers!
I also talked with Lu, her wonderful mom and she has a comfortable place to stay which is near the hospital. LOTS of prayers to all the family, nurses and doctors who are helping Christine create another miracle!

Thank you all for your prayers.

Maxine in Seattle

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