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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Night before the Big day

It is late Sunday night. Everything is packed and ready to go. None of us can sleep. Tomorrow is the big day. The transplant process begins with the draining of the B- blood from my body to be replaced by O+ blood. Starting at 11am tomorrow my body will never be the same. It's brings a sort of disquiet excitement.

The Saturday BBQ was lovely. A beautiful day. The Open House became a party and ended
up going much longer than expected. The CNN crew was polite and unobtrusive. They were very moved by the story and by the end it almost felt like they were part of our gang. My brother Marc had a great time meeting everyone. Carole showed us how to do healing touch when coming to visit. Den showed up with a shaved head in solidarity with my newly freed scalp. Steve handed out "F--k Cancer" bracelets. And Judy and Eric handed out endless glasses of Sangria and were impeccable hosts. It was good to have that time with everyone. To be able to at least take a few precious important moments to hit the pause button, and connect and hold one another's hands before the big leap.

Because of so much happening so fast, I realize I left out a few details that I need help with. It's much too late in the night for me to be more graceful and eloquent about it but here is the help I need right now. It seems silly at this point but:

1) Help to pick up my mail once a week
2) Help to water my plants twice a week
3) And a request. There will be consecutive days when I will be unable to send updates to this YAHOO group. What I am asking is that we make a GROUP effort to keep everyone posted on the latest. On the most critical days, the situation will be changing by the hour. If you happen to speak to my mother, myself, or whomever, and you find out "what is going on" please share it with the group.

Some have asked what they can send since they can't send fresh pretty flowers: You all know I LOVE music and anything from Andrea Bocelli to Riley K, to your own mixes would make my day. Also let's see� prints from artists like Klimt, Bouguereau, Degas, Monet, Sisley,Van Gogh, Redon, or Modigliani to brighten the dull hospital room. Anything whimsical that you think would make me laugh. Or make me go "ooooh! Aaaah!", like a hanging mobile or chimes. Books on CD. A hip cool scarf for my head. Photographs of us. Art supplies. Pretty girly things. Colorful tees and cute socks. Stuff like that.

Also, please don't think that when you visit, that you can only see me "through the window". That will happen on only the most critical days (most likely days 7-21) after my admission. Most days you WILL be allowed in the room, of course you will have to wear a protective gown, mask and gloves. Think of it as an adventure. And call first. This first week is actually a good time to stop by, especially for those awesome folks who are donating blood and platelets!

Tonight Michelle came over and helped me write an extensive wish list for a cure and full recovery. We prayed for every wish to come true. Soon after, no kidding, the skies broke open in thunder and lightning and a short heavy rain washed down from the sky. And just as soon as it started, it was over.

I wish I had some wise words to impart before going in tomorrow. There is not much to say at this point. Just know that I am sending love in all directions tonight and praying that in 100 days we will be having another BBQ to celebrate life.

Much love,

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