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Saturday, August 19, 2006

msg from Tim S - Ebb and Flow

While at City of Hope for my own three month oil change, I was able to track Christine down over the course of the day. She was about 20 minutes ahead of me in get blood drawn, appointments, and consultations.

My inside sources lost track of her for about 20 minutes, but I found her in the Village. As you can tell from her most recent posts her strength and stamina has a natural ebb and flow. On this day she was able to walk to the hospital which is about two blocks. This is a good thing, but then who knows what tomorrow will bring. Being able to travel in a car also shows that she is doing okay.

If you have been through this process, you know that at one moment you can be feeling your freedom returning only to have it snatched away, by natures callings, fatigue, or just over doing the most simple thing.

Talking is exhausting. Being 'on' is exhausting.

Currently it seems as if her own blood cells are having to teach donor-man's cells how to act appropriately. Seems that donor-man's cells are still a little slow on the uptake a bit in learning what they should be doing. Obviously, they have never lived within a woman before and are taken aback by the whole deal. Bufferfly's cells are being tolerant as they can be, but will soon just grab the little dudes and get them working for their pay. This will be good.

As usual she was in good spirits. When she comes out the other side of this she has a lot on her plate. Each items will be a work of joy. She is blessed to have so many dear friends and you to are blessed by making her aquaintance.

She looked good, Envisions the wonderful salad that will come in 50+ days. I can stil taste the first one I had. Folks always guess that BMT folks want some exotic mean when they become free. What we really crave are fresh fruit, berries, and that salad...

Always a joy to visit with Christine.

Tim S

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