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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Update from Jocelyn P - Good news

Good news from one of Christine's nurses. Depending on the results from her tests, there is a possibility that she may be released from the hospital today. If she is, then she will return home. However, since her body is immunocompromised, she is required to wear a protective screening mask daily.

If you plan to visit her, please call beforehand to see how she is feeling. Remember, she will have bad days and better days so please limit the length of your visits since she her body tires easily. I will say that she is so happy when people visit her, she
tells me at the end of the day who has come and what they did. Even if she appears like she is sleeping she knows you are there...she may not be able to respond but she remembers hearing people's voices and soft kind touches. Since exposure of any type could cause irreversible damage to her, please refrain from visiting if you even feel a little sick or have any sniffles. As for babies and children, Christine adores them but the doctors have forbidden her from being close to them.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of her. It lifts her spirits and gives her energy.

- Jocelyn

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